Teacher Training (1 Year)



Product Description

Our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is targeted at students who wish to become teachers or seek to deepen their practice. It is also suitable for certified teachers who have completed their teacher training but have not started teaching or lack confidence in teaching. Experienced teachers who wish to further develop their teaching skills or refresh their knowledge in yoga are also welcomed.

Why choose us:

  • We emphasize on building a strong foundation in yoga, focusing on body alignment, anatomy, adjustments, and modifications. Besides physical asanas, you will also learn about yoga philosophy and lifestyle. We want our teachers to apply the principles of yoga to every aspect of their life, not just on the mats
  • Unlike other YTT programs which offer highly structured¬†group class trainings with fixed syllabus, rigid schedule and standardized teaching techniques, we believe that every teacher is different. Our YTT program do not have a fixed curriculum, but instead our trainer will customize the training based on individuals. Our training is on 1:1 basis instead of group class concept, allowing the trainee to have ample interaction with our trainer, and explore his or her own their teaching style and techniques
  • We offer real-life teaching opportunities at the studio after three (3) months of training, not just mock teaching with other teachers. This would allow teachers to have a feel of how teaching is like in real life scenarios



  • Full program will take nine (9) months to complete, including three (3) months of teaching training and six (6) months of teaching opportunities at Yoga In Sync
  • No fixed commencement date or schedule but subject to availability of the trainee and the trainer



  • None at all, as long as you have a passion for yoga
  • If you have any medical conditions, please email us to consult



  • S$7,000
  • Payment can be made via Nets, cash or cheque


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