35 Class Package

$600.00 $540.00

Group Class Package for 40 sessions


Product Description

All class packages and workshops/events are non-refundable. Class packages can be used for any yoga classes on the schedule, excluding special workshop events. Class packages can be shared by married couples, parent/child students. Students are allowed to bring a guest using their package for one visit only.

Hatha yoga is the foundation for all yoga styles. Our hatha class focuses on the principles of alignment to strengthen and stabilize the body. The class is suitable for beginners or those who prefer a more gentle practice.

In a vinyasa or flow class, the postures are linked together in a fluid movement with the breath, so that the poses flow in a sequence. The intensity of the class will generate heat that helps to expel toxins from the body. While the pace of the class is generally faster, the synchronised breathing can at the same time help students to calm down, as they focus on breath and movement.

Yin Yang
This class combines the longer held postures of a yin class with a gentle flow which involves active and dynamic moves.

Sun Salutation
In this class, you will go through a flowing sequence of movements designed to help you improve breathing, flexibility and circulation.

The objective of the class is to strengthen and firm the core muscles.

This is a gentle class that focuses on relaxation. The postures are supported with suitable props to help the body muscles relax without creating any strain. This is a class suitable for all levels and ages.


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