Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders Freedom:  A Yin Yoga Workshop

Come to this practical and relaxing 2-hour journey into an embodied understanding of your upper body and how you interact with it on a daily basis.

A combination of body awareness, breathing, yin yoga asanas and myofascial release techniques will lead you to soften the area and let go of the excessive tension as well as to identify the habits that we can modify in our daily lives to stop building extra tightness.

Suitable for everyone, useful if you want to free stiffness or pain in your upper back, shoulders, neck or even jaw.

About the instructor:
Teresa Richard (@Kshama Yoga) is a travelling yoga teacher originally from Spain. She has been teaching Yin and Hatha from teacher trainees to total beginners, always focusing on the student’s needs. Her down-to-earth, practical and enjoyable style makes any subject approachable and fun. Trained in Yin by Jo Phee and Joe Barnett, she assisted Jo in two of her Spine, Fascia and MFR TTC modules in Auckland 2017 and Berlin 2018.

$70 for early bird booking by 17 Oct
$80 for booking after 17 Oct

What to bring:
Please bring along 2 tennis balls and a clean sock

For enquiries or booking, please email to admin@yogainsync.com