1) How Do I Book a Class?

Members can book through the online booking system on our website found on the Class Schedule tab. All members will be given a login ID. For non-members, please call or email at least a day in advance to book your class.
メンバーの方は、ウェブサイトの Class Schedule よりご予約いただけます。初めての方は、レッスンの前日までにお電話でご連絡下さい。

2) Do I have to come early to register if this is my first class?

Yes, if this is your first class, please come about 15 minutes earlier to register, get changed and settle in.

3) Do I need to bring my own mat?

We provide mats and water, but please bring along your own towel. We also provide basic yoga props if needed.

4) Can I eat before a yoga or pilates class?

It’s best not to have a heavy meal two hours before a class. You may have a light snack.

5) What Do I Wear To A Yoga Or Pilates Class?

You can wear any comfortable clothes that is not too loose. Please remove your shoes and socks and place them in the designated shoe storage area before you begin your practice.

6) What is the class size?

Our maximum class size is about 18 students. Depending on the timing of the day, some classes such as those in the evenings or weekends are more crowded. We strongly encourage you to book the class ahead to avoid any disappointment.

7) I have some minor injuries. Can I still do yoga or pilates?

Please notify the instructor before the class so that he or she can advise you on suitable pose modifications, and help you stay safe during the class. If you feel unwell during the class, kindly inform the instructor and if necessary, you may excuse yourself to take a rest.

8) Can I share my package with a friend?

Yes, we do allow packages to be shared among friends. Nothing beats working out with your buddies or besties! However, these packages have to be completed within the validity period. All other Terms and Conditions still apply.

9) Do you have shower facilities?

We have one shower room at the studio, and  if you need to freshen up after the class, please feel free to do so. However, please bring along your own bath towel.